With Ensemble2024, we aim to serve not only the residents of the cities hosting the competitions, but also the whole of France, the visitors who come to France during the Games, and the local authorities and organizing committees to meet their needs.
This means that we are committed to a benevolent approach that meets people’s needs, loves them unconditionally, and has therefore decided to avoid any proselytizing approach.
To ensure that this resolution is respected, only cultural associations and companies can become Ensemble2024 partners. This helps us to represent Ensemble2024 well and ensure that it can continue to be an umbrella that brings like-minded people together.

In the case of “Land of Games”, which is an official campaign organized by the organizing committee, it is crucial to ensure that the Ensemble2024 committee is informed as far as possible of any approach to “Land of Games”, so as to benefit from advice on how to proceed.

When dealing with institutions (town halls, etc.), don’t hesitate to ask for help on how to approach them. It’s a good idea to offer to help first, and see what happens.

As the Olympic Games are a highly watched event and a protected brand, it is essential to respect the rules and guidelines set down by the International Olympic Committee. Do not use the expression “Olympic Games” or “Paris2024”, which are registered trademarks, or any logo or reference such as the Olympic motto “stronger, faster, further, together”. Instead, use “Jeux 2024”, “Été 2024” or similar. More information at https://cnosf.franceolympique.com/cnosf/cat/0/390.php
Any violation of the rules or infringement will be prosecuted by the IOC and will result in exclusion from the Ensemble2024 collective.

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Trademark protection document
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